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Custom Cleaning Products

We offer a full range of cleaning products from detergents and degreasers to fabric softeners and freezer cleaners.  Whether you wash towels or dishes have hard or soft water we can match you with the right product for your needs and budget. We also provide testing materials and our technicians routinely monitor concentrations and results while our automatic dispensing systems prevent overuse.

Have a particular need? – Our chemists can formulate specialty products to clean anything from smoke houses to yoga mats.

Green Seal Certified Cleaning Products
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Cleaning Products

A heavy-duty oven and grill cleaner that is capable of cutting through the heaviest grease and grime build-ups. It is recommended for use on grills, deep fryers, steak platters, hoods, and canopies. 4/1g./cs

A foaming, aerosol oven and grill cleaner. This highly effective product will cling to vertical surfaces, and dissolve accumulated deposits in the ovens. 12 cans/cs

A highly active cleaner-degreaser, which is specially use in the food service environment. CITRUS CHISALL may be used for cleaning kitchen floors, counters, and prep rooms. CITRUS CHISALL contains no harmful butyl agents. 4/1g./cs or 5g.pail

A highly effective, all purpose cleaner/degreaser which dispenses automatically into either spray bottles or the mop bucket. 4/1g./cs or 2/2.5g./cs

A liquid-gel oven cleaner and degreaser that offers thorough penetration of encrusted grease and grime. It is highly effective in the removal of deposits found in baking ovens, especially baked-on-fats, grease, and carbon. It is also recommended for use on grills. 4/1g./cs or 12 qt./cs

A premium cleaner-degreaser, which is ready to use. BLAST is ideal for ovens and grills and is very effective on hoods and other tough surfaces. BLAST emits no harmful odors, and rinses freely. 4/1g./cs

A high powered, citrus based cleaner/degreaser. This product is perfect for quarry tile floors, and hard to clean, greasy surfaces. 4/1g./cs

A citrus based cleaner/degreaser. This product is perfect for quarry tile floors, and hard to clean, greasy surfaces. 4/1g./cs

Specialty Degreasers

Cleaning Products

A unique formula, for institutional and industrial drain lines, grease trap and septic tank cleaning. Non-toxic bacterial spores and patented enzyme blends work together to clean clogged systems. 5g.pail

A natural citrus, organic drain opener. It is environmentally safe, non-toxic, and quickly penetrates to remove drain and grease trap blockages. 5g.pail

A heavy duty, ready-to-use muscle cleaner, for those tough cleaning jobs. 4/1g. or 2/2.5g./cs

A liquid formulation of alkaline, solvent and organic detergents, designed to dissolve greasy food soil, including baked-on deposits. Hand sprayer application allows for removal of grease from stove hoods. 4/1g./cs

A powdered degreaser, which will remove stains, and residue from the fryer. Easy to use, with no annoying odors. 4/10#/cs


A U.S.D.A. authorized, no-rinse food service sanitizer, for use on all non-porous surfaces in the kitchen and food plant environment. Kills Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and Pseudomonas. Automatically dispensed for maximum yield. A must, for all kitchens. 4/1g./cs

A no-rinse, food-service sanitizer, which is applied to all non-porous surfaces in the kitchen. Apply ARREX 100 and allow the surface to air dry. 4/1g./cs

An E.P.A. registered iodine sanitizer. This is an excellent bar glass machine product, and is also used in the third compartment pot sinks. Low foaming. 4/1g./cs

A ready to use food service contact sanitizing agent, which requires no rinsing. USDA approved and ideal for all hard surfaces in the kitchen. 12qt./cs

Specialty Cleaners

Specifically designed for cleaning freezers. Freezer does not have to be defrosted or turned off during or prior to using DEEP FREEZE. No rinsing is necessary. 4/1g./cs

Stainless Steel Cleaners

A liquid scale and film remover. D’LIME is used to remove hard water deposits from the inside and outside of the dish-machine. D’LIME is also used on the steam tables and any other stainless steel fixture in the kitchen. 4/1g./cs

A liquid stainless steel cleaner/polish. SURE SHINE will leave the fixtures clean, and with a beautiful luster. This product has applications throughout the kitchen environment and will become a favorite of the staff. 12qt./cs

A silicone base, aerosol stainless steel cleaner/polish. This product delivers excellent results and terrific end-use cost. 12cans/cs

Floor Cleaners

A terrific quarry tile floor cleaner. This product will quickly emulsify food soils and leave the floor tiles clean and slip resistant, while restoring the grout lines. Fully biodegradable. 4/1g./cs or 2/2.5g./cs

An enzyme-activated floor cleaner, which will effectively remove grease and other soils from tile floors. The active enzyme ingredient will “digest” accumulated grease, and restore the floor to its original Slip-Resistance. Very pleasant scent. 4/1g./cs or 2/2.5g./cs

Warewashing Detergents

A heavy duty encapsulated, solid machine dishwashing detergent, designed for safe, convenient dispensing directly from the shipping container. Ultimate Power II is formulated with the most powerful builders, water conditioners, soil suspending agents and de-foamers. This product will give unbeatable results and ultimate economy in all ware-washing applications. 4/8#/cs

The ultimate powdered dish-machine detergent. It is formulated with the finest water conditioning and soil-suspending agents along with a chlorine de-stainer. This special formulation assures one-pass warewashing at the most economical cost. ULTIMATE POWER CONC. Comes packed in convenient plastic capsules for safe dispensing. 4/9#/cs

A liquid detergent, formulated to emulsify heavy soil in conventional dish-machines. Its unique blend of water conditioning and soil-suspending agents functions well in most water conditions. Contains chlorine for added cleaning and de-staining action. STAR POWER dispenses directly from its shipping container. 4/1g or 5g pail

A heavy-duty chlorinated powder. It is a low foaming detergent with good soil load capacity. LASER can be used in soft to medium water hardness conditions. This product is conveniently packed in 2# packets, so there is no need for measuring. This very economical product has uses in many ware-washing applications. 25/2#/cs

An economical, encapsulated dish detergent, made for automatic dispensing. Excellent yield. 4/9#/cs

A heavy duty encapsulated solid machine dishwashing detergent, designed especially for low hardness water conditions. This product will deliver excellent results and great economy. 4/8#/cs

An encapsulated, solid dishwashing detergent developed for use where safety on soft metals such as aluminum or pewter is required. It is a completely balanced formula, which should also be considered for use on delicate china and other items where a less alkaline product is desired. 4/8#/cs

An encapsulated, solid machine dishwashing detergent, designed for use in extreme water hardness conditions. It is a high alkaline product that will perform well under the most difficult situations. This is a premium product that is easy and safe to use, and will outperform most other solid detergents. The NP (non-phosphate) version is used where phosphates are prohibited. 4/8#/cs

A powdered detergent-rinse combination, especially formulated for under the counter dish machines. LIFT-OFF produces excellent results with remarkable economy. Any hand-fed ware-washing application will benefit from LIFT-OFF’s excellent soil-suspending capabilities and free-rinsing finish. Glassware will dry quickly and spot-free. 50# pail

Pot & Pan Soaps

Cleaning Products

A highly concentrated, 100% active solid detergent for washing pots and pans along with other manual washing applications. Convenient storage and dispensing from the easily handled capsule saves space in the kitchen and the storeroom. This high foaming, premium product is gentle to the skin and safe on aluminum and other soft metals. 4/5#/cs

A concentrated solid detergent, formulated to produce superior soil suspension and degreasing action. This pleasant smelling, high foaming detergent is gentle to the skin and safe on aluminum and other soft metals. 4/5#/cs

A highly active, powdered pot and pan soap, which delivers all of the advantages of a solid product because it is packed in, and dispenses directly from, convenient plastic capsules. ULTIMATE SUDS is a high foaming, grease-cutting product which is very economical to use. 4/9#/cs

A fast acting, grease cutting pot and pan liquid, which will leave the ware clean and grease free every time. Highly sudsing, and pleasant smelling. 5g.pail

Is a premium liquid, pink lotion pot and pan detergent. This high foaming product contains specially formulated penetrating agents, which emulsify tough food soils. NUDAWN is very mild to the skin and will deliver excellent results on the most difficult soils. 4/1g./cs or 6g.pail or 15g.drum

A highly concentrated, viscous, blue liquid detergent, uniquely designed to penetrate and emulsify the most difficult soils. This is a high sudsing product that is effective in most water conditions, and is mild on the hands. 6g.pail

A versatile, high suds, lemon scented liquid detergent. CITRUS SUDS high level of detergency cleans encrusted pots and pans, and removes grease, food soils, lipstick, and odors from dishes, glassware, and flatware. This product is effective in all water conditions, and is mild to the hands. 5g.pail or 12qt./cs

A super, concentrated, highly active, pink lotion pot and pan soap. This product is used when cost is a factor. 4/1g./cs or 5g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

A competitively price powder that does not sacrifice quality. Pantastik powder works effectively in all soils and water hardness areas. 100#keg

An active, high suds generating pot soap. It has great grease cutting properties and is mild on the hands. 5g.pail

Kitchen Presoak

Twinkle powder is designed to loosen food soils, brighten tableware, and eliminate dulling film. TWINKLE powder will also de-tarnish silver items, when used in conjunction with aluminum foil. 6/4#/cs

A premium, flatware presoak and silver de-tarnishing compound which is packed in, and dispenses directly from, convenient plastic capsules. More concentrated than other presoak products, ULTIMATE TWINKLE offers superior results at low end use cost. 4/8#/cs

A liquid presoak, which is designed to loosen food soils from surfaces, brighten tableware, and eliminates dulling film. LIQUID IMPERIAL will also de-tarnish silver items when used in conjunction with aluminum foil. Fast acting and highly concentrated. 4/1g./cs

An encapsulated, solid flatware presoak. Designed for stainless steel flatware, IMPERIAL SS will quickly loosed stuck-on food soils and leave the ware bright and spot free. 2/5# or 4/5#/cs

A powdered, oxygenated, built safety bleach. OXYDIP can be used for de-staining plastic and china, and is not harmful to their surfaces. OXYDIP is most effective at 140° to 160°F. 6/4#/cs

A solid, encapsulated, oxygen built, safety bleaching presoak. SOLID OXYDIP can be used in the same manner as powdered OXYDIP, but without the hand dispensing. SOLID OXYDIP dispenses directly from the container and is super concentrated for long lasting, economical use. 2/5#/cs

A liquid presoak, which is both effective on stuck-on food soils, and economical to use. LIQUID GLOW dispenses directly from the gallon. 4/1g./cs

Dish Machine Rinse Additives

An economical rinse additive concentrate for use in normal hot water conditions. Low foaming and rapid sheeting offer superior, spot free results with low end use cost. 4/1g/cs

A premium rinse additive formulated to give excellent sheeting action for rapid spot free drying. Its sheeting surfactant blend allows for optimum performance with minimum levels of consumption. 4/1g/cs

A premium acid based rinse additive designed for use in hard or alkaline water. SPEED DRY HD’s special formulation prevents unsightly spotting and streaking, normally caused by the minerals in hard water. 4/1g/cs.

A super premium rinse additive designed to control dissolved solids in difficult water conditions. This unique, concentrated formulation allows the water to sheet off quickly. A Glassware, flatware and china dry spot free. 4/1g/cs.

An economical rinse additive formulated for use in soft to medium hard water conditions. KLEER DRY will promote acceptable sheeting action and spot free results. 6g.pail

ENVIRO DRY 2000 is state of the art, encapsulated, solid drying agent which dispenses directly from the container. ENVIRO DRY 2000 is a super premium product, which will outperform most other drying agents under the same conditions. Excellent yield. 4/5#/cs

Low Temperature Dishwashing

A liquid dish detergent, which is specially formulated for low temperature dish-machines. This product is ideal for light to medium soil loads in soft to medium water hardness conditions. 4/1g./cs or 5g.pail

A liquid drying agent designed for low temperature applications. Its low foaming formulation assures fast sheeting action which means rapid spot free drying on glasses, silver, china, and plastic. Absolutely effective at low temperatures. 4/1g./cs or 5g.pail

A sodium hypochlorite solution, which is injected into the rinse water in low temperature dish-machines. LTS 3000 air-dries on the ware, leaving a sanitary surface. 4/1g./cs or 5g.pail

Laundry Detergents

A highly active, built detergent. SURE SHOT PLUS is the result of the latest technology in surfactants and emulsifiers. Because of SURE SHOT PLUS’s excellent water conditioning, stain removal and rinsing properties, linen that was dingy gray, or yellow becomes white again. When used without any other additives SURE SHOT PLUS is safe on wool and silk. 6g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

SURE SHOT NP has the most of the properties of SURE SHOT PLUS, but is formulated without phosphates, so that is allowed for use in those areas that require a non-phosphate detergent. 6g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

A heavy-duty, highly alkaline product for use as a “one shot” detergent, when a 3-product system is desired. EQUINOX should be used when soil conditions require that extra “punch” for optimum stain removal. EQUINOX is not recommended for use on delicate fabrics. 5g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

A solid, encapsulated detergent/safety bleach/softener combination. This product is perfect for top-loader operations. COMPLETE is dispensed automatically for ease of use, and there is no waste. 4/5#/cs

A portion packed, enzyme activated, detergent, which is placed directly into the wash tank. 250 packettes/tub

A built detergent, which is used in light to medium soil conditions. QUICK SHOT works best in soft to medium water hardness, and will deliver satisfactory results while containing costs. 4/1g. or 6g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

A premium liquid laundry surfactant detergent product. GALAXY is used when soil conditions are extreme, and results are critical. GALAXY performs extremely well on table linens, and kitchen linen, where the soil is extreme, but the linen is delicate. GALAXY will not compromise the integrity of fine table linens. Must be used in combination with a laundry break product. 6g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

A solid, encapsulated built laundry detergent. ULTIMATE BRITE is dispensed automatically, directly into the washer, and is safe for use on all fabrics. Perfect for processing personal clothes in a top loader. The product is dispensed directly from the capsule, so it is never handled by the staff. 4/5#/cs

A powdered alkaline laundry detergent, which contains extra water conditioners. This product is perfect for manual operations. 50#/keg or 100#/keg

Bleaching Agents

A premium, liquid chlorine bleaching agent designed for use on all white linen applications. It has excellent stain removal properties, and is safe on cotton and most synthetic fabrics. Cannot be used on wool, silk, or nylon fabrics. 4/1g/cs or 5g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

A concentrated, hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent designed for use in removing stains from colored fabrics and delicate linens, where chlorine bleach is inappropriate. HYDRO-PEROX is best used at temps above 140°F, and in combination with a built detergent, or a break product. 6g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

A powder, oxygen safety bleach, for use in manual operations where chlorine bleach is undesired. OXY BRITE is safe for use on colored and delicate fabrics, and should be used as an additive to a built detergent. 50#/keg or 100#/keg

Bulk Fabric Softeners

A combination sour/softener, which effectively softens and neutralizes all fabrics and contributes to a fresh, and wrinkle free result. FINAL STAGE will help to eliminate static cling, and will reduce drying time. Contains optical brighteners and is safe on natural and synthetic fabrics. 6g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

A liquid softening agent, which will leave the fabrics soft and fresh smelling. FLUFF will add a smooth and silky feel to flatwork and linens. Fluff will “fluff out” towels, leaving them fresh and pleasant to the touch. 5g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

A premium liquid softening agent, which contains extra fragrances and optical brighteners. 5g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

An EPA registered bacteriostatic softening agent. This product softens and imparts an effective bacteriostatic treatment to laundered items such as diapers and hospital and institutional linens. 5g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

Sours & Rust Removers

A concentrated souring agent designed to both neutralize the linen, and remove rust stains. Effectively inhibits iron disposition on all laundered fabrics. 5g.pail or 15g. drumor 30g.drum

A concentrated rust removing and iron-inhibiting product designed for use under extreme residual iron conditions. 5g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

NEUTRASOUR is designed to completely neutralize the linen being washed, so that the pH of the finished product is within an acceptable range of skin pH. This will prevent alkaline or acidic irritation to the skin. 5g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

Laundry Break Products

A blend of heavy-duty alkaline builders, sequestering agents, and soil suspenders. MACH V supplies additional power to release even the most difficult soil and grease stains. Works best when combined with a powerful surfactant detergent. Cannot be used on silk or wool fabrics. 6g.pail or 15g.drum or 30g.drum

A liquid break additive, which is effective when highly alkaline products are not desirable. 5g.pail

Starch & Sizing

Powdered laundry starch, for finishing table linens with that wrinkle-free, crisp look. 50#/keg

A fine, granular, starching agent, which dissolves instantly into the wash wheel without clumping. Very pleasant scent. 50#/keg

Premium, liquid, sizing, made for automatic dispensing will leave the linens wrinkle-free, and ideal for a perfect presentation. 4/1g or 5g.pail

Specialty Cleaners

An enzyme activated stain remover-presoak, which is particularly effective on protein based stains. The enzyme action “digests” the stain, and deodorizes as well. 12qt/cs

A liquid rust-removing spotter, which will instantly remove rust stains from linens. Ready to use for hand application. 6pt/cs

A liquid, laundry spotting agent, which will effectively remove most protein based stains from all classes of linen. SPRAY KLEEN is applied to the stain, allowed to remain for a time, and then re-washed for satisfactory removal of the stain. 4/1g/cs